the beach that has it all (Non-organized beach)

For lovers of soft sand, part of Limnionas has dark brownish thin sand; for those who prefer pebbles, another part of it has gorgeous colorful pebbles; and for swimmers who relish plunging from the rocks right into the deep sea, Limnionas hosts a huge rocks’ formation right in the middle. In other words, everyone will be pleased here. The waters are green and clean, there is space for everyone and, while swimming, the view is splendid!


the romantic sunset beach (Non-organized beach)

If someone had to select the beach of Evia with the most romantic sunset, they would certainly select Rovies! In this spacious pebbled beach, the sun sets in the orange sky behind gorgeous hills. Apart from the sunset, the Rovies beach offers a unique ambience of tranquility and its waters are crystal clear. The fact that it hosts umbrellas and sun beds, while cafeterias and taverns are at a walking distance, makes this beach even more attractive.


Wild Aegean beauty… (Nudism friendly)

Hiliadou is the most renowned beach on the island of Evia mostly due to its reputation that it is preferred by nudists. However, the beach is quite spacious, offering enough space for everyone and there is also a second, more secluded beach right next to it. The waters here have the typical Aegean blue color, whereas several unusual rocky formations complete the wild landscape. Last but not least, rock climbing is also available in Hiliadou.


where the white sand touches the Aegean blue (Non-organized beach)

Kalamos is a stunning white sandy bay, divided in two beaches by a small rocky peninsula. The first beach is called “good”, because the waters here are usually calmer, compared to the second one. The hills around the beach are full of pine trees, creating a breathtaking view. Although Kalamos is not a very large beach, there is enough room for everyone; and although it is not organized, there are taverns and hotels around it. Need anything more?


the windy beach (Non-organized beach)

Some argue that Mourteri, and not Agia Anna, is the largest beach of Evia. In any case, Mourteri is a very long and spacious beach in the island’s coast to the Aegean, covered by sand. Here, the waters are cold and clear, whereas it is usually windy during July and August with waves 3-4 m. high. Across the beach there are taverns and cafeterias. The routes around Mourteri are so beautiful that the beach is the meeting point of motorcyclists.

Agios Dimitrios

a walk from the gorge to paradise (Secluded & tranquil)

Agios Dimitrios (or Schinodavlia) is an amazing secluded beach in southern Evia! In order to arrive here, visitors must walk down a path that begins from the village of Agios Dimitrios and heads south, towards the sea. Nature has been so generous with this place: a wide variety of plants, a river, a wet land with rare species of birds, and imposing rocks, astound visitors. The lovely sandy beach lies under huge rocks and it is very impressive!


an unsurpassable sense of freedom… (Non-organized beach)

In order to arrive to Heromylos, visitors need to leave their cars and walk about 100 m. But it is not just their car that they leave behind; they leave behind the noise of the city and any stressful thoughts. Because here the white sand, the turquoise transparent waters, the pine trees and the breeze of the Aegean Sea create an incomparable sense of serenity and freedom. A small canteen eliminates the need to carry water and snacks.

Agia Paraskevi

Agia Paraskevi is located in southeastern Evia, just outside Karystos. It was named after the homonymous Church of the region; you can visit during your walk. Clear waters, sand and Pebble, overlooking the Bay and the lighthouse of the region make up one of the most picturesque and beautiful island beaches.


the picturesque beach (Non-organized beach)

Zarakes beach is located in the southeast Evia. The picturesque beach is really deep, clear waters that sometimes get wavy, sand, fine gravel and straw umbrellas. There are a few rooms to rent and a few taverns. In short, it is a quiet and traditional insular place for lovers of picturesque Greece.

Megali Ammos

This famous beach is located on the southwest side of the island, in the Marmari area. The waters are deep all year and waterways are strong, something you should consider and avoid if you have young children with you. This unique phenomenon more strange forms of sand along the coast, makes this beach so popular. It is worth a visit!

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